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Counting Theory (Permutation and Combination)Objectives:-Use organized lists and tree. For classroom coaching visit www.endeavorcareers.com and for online preparation... Introduction to Statistics Vocabulary "I Have, Who Has" Game.
Permutations, Combinations, and Probability (Common Core Standard 9-12.S-... FREE Math & Logic Games~ Links to online games, printables, and two-.
Den vanligaste definitionen är att en permutation av mängden M är en bijektiv funktion från M till sig själv. Mängden av permutationer på M bildar en grupp med.


http://www.mathsisfun.com/combinatorics/combinations-permutat... Senast redigerat. I C: se t.ex. Write a C program to print all permutations of a given string.
Game Theory. 10. COUNTING TECHNIQUES. The Sequential Counting Principle (SCP): A Problem-Solving Tool. Permutations. Combinations. Miscellaneous.
How to Work Out Odds, Permutations and Combinations #math #statistics #... You may learn new vocabulary by online crosswords, quiz net and game inside.
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Naturvetenskap, miljö och teknik – Publikationer


As the game advances further into the dungeon, you will gather Runes, which.. all of which can in combinations and permutations of ones, twos and threes be. that's awkward in Runers) or a trainer, the game's online leaderboard seems to.
Dead Rising 3 should be developed by Blue Castle Games, says Capcom. It's a bit like an online game in that way - a continuous story.... Nick can now build weapons combinations anywhere on the map, and he can continue. systems are all randomized, you could potentially see many permutations.

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Effects of physically active video gaming on cognition and activities of daily living in childhood brain tumor survivors: a randomized pilot study | Neuro-Oncology Practice | Oxford Academic

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Permutations and combinations online gamescasinobonus

Dual-sided projection allows casual face-to-face interaction between users, with computer-generated imagery in-between them.
The immaterial display imposes minimal restrictions to the movements orcommunication of the users.
As an example of these novel possibilities, we provide a detailed description of our Consigalo gaming system, which creates an enhanced gaming experience featuring sporadic and unencumbered interaction.
Consigalo utilizes a robust 3D trackingsystem, which supports multiple simultaneous users on either side online and games play download the projection surface.
Users manipulate graphics that arefloating in mid-air with natural gestures.
We have also added are sponsive and adaptive sound track to further immerse the usersin the interactive experience.
We describe the technology used in the system, the innovative aspects compared to previous largescreengaming systems, the gameplay and our lessons learned from designing and implementing the interactions, visuals and the auditory feedback.
We present an interactive wall-sized immaterial display that introduces a number of interesting possibilities for advanced interface design.
The immaterial nature of a thin sheet of fog allows users to penetrate and even walk through the screen, while its dual-sided nature allows for new possibilities in multi-user face-to-face collaboration and pseudo-3D visualization.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCNumerisk Analys och Datalogi, NADA.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Parallelldatorcentrum, PDC.
Dual-sided projection allows casual face-to-face interaction between users, with computer-generated imagery in-between them.
The immaterial display imposes minimal restrictions to the movements or communication of the users.
As an example of these novel possibilities, we provide a detailed description of our Consigalo gaming system, which creates an enhanced gaming experience featuring sporadic and unencumbered interaction.
Consigalo utilizes a robust 3D tracking system, which supports multiple simultaneous users on either side of the projection surface.
Users manipulate graphics that are floating in mid-air with natural gestures.
We have also added a responsive and adaptive sound track to further immerse the users in the interactive experience.
We describe the technology used in the system, the innovative aspects compared to previous largescreen gaming systems, the gameplay and our lessons learned from designing and implementing the interactions, visuals and the auditory feedback.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat We describe several approaches for using prosodic features of speech and audio localization to control interactive applications.
This information can be applied to parameter control, as well as to speech disambiguation.
We discuss how characteristics of spoken sentences can be exploited in the user interface; for example, by considering the speed with which a sentence is spoken and the presence of extraneous utterances.
We also show how coarse audio localization can be used for low-fidelity gesture tracking, by inferring the speaker's head position.
Feiner, Steven 2009 Ingår i: TEI 2009: International Conference on Tangible and Embedded Interaction, 2009, 181-188 s.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat While touch-screen displays are becoming increasingly popular, many factors affect user experience and performance.
Surface quality, parallax, input resolution, and robustness, for instance, can vary with sensing technology, hardware configurations, and environmental conditions.
We have developed a framework for exploring how we could overcome some of these dependencies, by leveraging the higher visual and input resolution of small, coarsely tracked mobile devices for direct, precise, and rapid interaction on large digital displays.
The results from a formal user study show no significant differences in performance when comparing four techniques we developed for a tracked mobile device, where two existing touch-screen techniques served as baselines.
The mobile techniques, however, had more consistent performance and smaller variations among participants, and an overall higher user preference in our setup.
Our results show the potential of spatially aware handhelds as an interesting complement or substitute for direct touch-interaction on large displays.
Heyman, Susanna KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCNumerisk Analys och Datalogi, NADA.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat We introduce two families of techniques, rubbing and tapping, that use zooming to make precise interaction on passive touch screens possible.
Rub-Pointing uses a diagonal rubbing gesture to integrate pointing and zooming in a single-handed technique.
In contrast, Zoom-Tapping is a twohanded technique in which the dominant hand points, while the non-dominant hand taps to zoom, simulating multitouch functionality on a single-touch display.
Rub-Tapping is a hybrid technique that integrates rubbing with the dominant hand to point and zoom, and tapping with the nondominant hand to confirm selection.
We describe the results of a formal user study comparing these techniques with each other and with the well-known Take-Off and Zoom-Pointing selection techniques.
Rub-Pointing and Zoom-Tapping had significantly fewer errors than Take-Off for small targets, and were significantly faster than Take-Off and Zoom-Pointing.
We show how the techniques can be used for fluid interaction in an image viewer and in existing applications, such as Google Maps.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCMänniska-datorinteraktion, MDI stängd 20111231.
Frykholm, Oscar KTH, Skolan för bordertown and casino ok och kommunikation CSCMänniska-datorinteraktion, MDI stängd 20111231.
Groth, Kristina KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCMänniska-datorinteraktion, MDI stängd 20111231.
Moll, Jonas KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCMänniska-datorinteraktion, MDI stängd 20111231.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat Multi-disciplinary team meetings MDTMs are essential in health-care, where medical specialists discuss diagnosis and treatment of patients.
We introduce a prototype multi-display groupware system, intended to augment the discussions of medical imagery, through a range of input mechanisms, multi-user interfaces and interaction techniques on multi-touch devices and pen-based technologies.
Observations of MDTMs, as well as interviews and observations of surgeons and radiologists, serve as a foundation for guidelines and a set of implemented techniques.
The results show that the implemented technologies have the potential to bring numerous benefits to the team meetings with minimal modification to the current workflow.
We discuss how they can augment the expressiveness and communication between meeting participants, facilitate understanding for novices, and improve remote collaboration.
Lindfors, Christoffer KTH, Skolan för industriell teknik och management ITMIndustriell produktion.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat In this work we present how Augmented Reality AR can be used to create an intimate integration of process data with the workspace of an industrial CNC computer numerical control machine.
AR allows us to combine interactive computer graphics with real objects in a physical environment - in this case, the workspace of an industrial lathe.
ASTOR is an autostereoscopic optical see-through spatial AR system, which provides real-time 3D visual feedback without the need for user-worn equipment, such as head-mounted displays or sensors for tracking.
The use of a transparent holographic optical element, overlaid onto the safety glass, allows the system to simultaneously provide bright imagery and clear visibility of the tool and workpiece.
The system makes it possible to enhance visibility of occluded tools as well as to visualize real-time data from the process in the 3D space.
The graphics are geometrically registered with the workspace and provide an intuitive representation of the process, amplifying the user's understanding and simplifying machine operation.
Henrysson, Anders 2007 Ingår i: ICAT: International Conference on Artificial Reality and Teleexistence, 2007, 63-70 s.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat LUMAR is a hybrid system for spatial displays, allowing cell phones to be tracked in 2D and 3D through combined egocentric and exocentric techniques based on the Light-Sense and UMAR frameworks.
LUMAR differs from most other spatial display systems based on mobile phones with its three-layered information space.
The hybrid spatial display system consists of printed matter that is augmented with context-sensitive, dynamic 2D media when the device is on the surface, and with overlaid 3D visualizations when it is held in mid-air.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCHigh Performance Computing and Visualization HPCViz.
VRST, 2006, 227-230 s.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat We describe POLAR, a portable, optical see-through, low-cost augmented reality system, which allows a user to see annotated views of small to medium-sized physical objects in an unencumbered way.
No display or tracking equipment needs to be worn.
POLAR's compactness could black casino the ghost it to be used as a lightweight and portable PC peripheral for providing mobile users with on-demand AR access in field work.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat Mobile devices are currently difficult to customize for the usability needs of elderly users.
The elderly are instead referred to specially designed "senior phones" or software add-ons.
These tend to compromise the coral bingo and games functionality as they attempt to solve many disabilities in a single solution.
We present OldGen, a prototype framework where a novel concept enables accessibility features on generic mobile devices, by decoupling the software user interface from the phone's physical form factor.
This opens up for better customization of the user interface, its functionality and behavior, and makes it possible to adapt it to the specific needs of each individual.
OldGen makes the user interface portable, such that it could be moved between different phone hardware, regardless of model and brand.
Preliminary observations and evaluations with elderly users indicate that this concept could address individual user interface related accessibility issues on general-purpose devices.
Lindfors, Christoffer KTH, Skolan för industriell teknik och management ITMIndustriell produktion.
Mattson, Lars KTH, Skolan för industriell teknik och management ITMIndustriell produktion.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat We present a novel autostereoscopic optical see-through system for Augmented Reality AR.
It uses a transparent holographic optical element HOE to separate the views produced by two, or more, digital projectors.
It is a minimally intrusive AR system that does not require the user to wear special glasses or any other equipment, since the user will see different images depending on the point of view.
The HOE itself is a thin glass plate or plastic film that can easily be incorporated into other surfaces, such as a window.
The technology offers great flexibility, allowing the projectors to be placed where they are the least intrusive.
ASTOR's capability of sporadic AR visualization is currently ideal for smaller physical workspaces, such as our prototype setup in an industrial environment.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat Interactive surfaces and related tangible user interfaces often involve everyday objects that are identified, tracked, and augmented with digital information.
Traditional approaches for recognizing these objects typically rely on complex pattern recognition techniques, or the addition of active electronics or fiducials that alter the visual qualities of those objects, making them less practical for real-world use.
Radio Frequency Identificatin RFID technology provides an unobtrusive method of sensing the presence of and identifying tagged nearby objects but has no inherent means of determining the position of tagged objects.
Computer vision, on the other hand, is an established approach to track objects with a camera.
While shapes and movement on an interactive surface can be determined from classic image processing techniques, object recognition tends to be complex, computationally expensive and sensitive to environmental conditions.
We present a set of techniques in which movement and shape information from the computer vision system is fused with RFID events that identify what objects are in the image.
By synchronizing these two here sensing modalities, we can associate changes in the image with events in the RFID data, in order to recover position, shape and identification of the objects on the surface, while avoiding complex computer vision processes and exolic RFID solutions.
Evolutionära algoritmer löser detta problem med heuristik genom att generera bättre lösningar iterativt.
När problemen har mer än ett mål måste algoritmerna generera flera lösningar för att passa olika preferenser i specifika mål.
Mängden arbete som krävs för att generera bra lösningsmängder växer när antalet mål växer för dessa problem.
Denna studie undersökte om ökningen av antalet mål påverkade fyra olika multiobjektiva evolutionära algoritmer olika.
Algoritmerna testades mot två olika mängder problem varav varje problem testades under tjugosju olika inställningar.
För dessa tester sammanfattades resultat i två olika mätningar baserade algoritmernas rangordning i ett antal mätningar för att komma fram till om det var några skillnader i prestanda.
Resultaten påpekade att vissa multiobjektiva evolutionära algoritmer har bättre prestanda hos problem med fler mål.
Den underliggande anledningen och storleken på prestandaskillnaden kartlagdes inte.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCTal, musik och hörsel, TMH, Tal-kommunikation.
Blomberg, Mats KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCTal, musik och hörsel, TMH, Tal-kommunikation.
Elenius, Daniel KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCTal, musik och hörsel, TMH, Tal-kommunikation.
Konferensbidrag Övrigt vetenskapligt Automatic speech recognition measures havebeen investigated as scores of segmental pronunciationquality.
In an experiment, contextindependenthidden Markov phone models weretrained on native English and Swedish readchild speech respectively.
Among various studiedscores, a likelihood ratio between thescores of forced alignment using English phonememodels and the score of English or Swedishphoneme recognition had the highest correlationsto human judgments.
The best measureshave the power of evaluating the coarse proficiencylevel of a child but need to be improvedfor detailed diagnostics of individual utterancesand phonemes.
The three topics are: simulation of work hardening of materials using dislocation dynamics, investigation of anomalous diffusion in supercooled liquids using molecular dynamics,and kinetic Monte-Carlo simulation of annealing of radiation damaged materials.
All three topics require special algorithms in order to enable physically relevant simulations.
The author's contributionconsists of development, implementation, and optimization of these algorithms, as well as interpretation of simulation results.
Sadigh, Babak KTH, Skolan för teknikvetenskap SCIFysik.
Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics, ISSN 1063-651X, E-ISSN 1095-3787, Vol.
Artikel permutations and combinations online games tidskrift Refereegranskat We present a new effcient method for Monte Carlo simulations of diusion-reaction processes.
By partitioning the simulation space into nonoverlappingprotecting domains each containing only one or two particles, the algorithm factorizesthe N-body problem of collisions among multiple Brownian particles into a set of much simplersingle-body and two-body problems.
Ecient propagation of particles inside their protective domainsis enabled through the use online and time-dependent Green's functions propagators obtained assolutions for the rst-passage statistics of random walks.
The resulting Monte Carlo algorithmis event-driven and asynchronous; each Brownian particle propagates inside its own protectivedomain and on its own time clock.
The algorithm reproduces the statistics of the underlyingMonte-Carlo model exactly.
Extensive numerical examples demonstrate that for an importantclass of diusion-reaction models the permutations and combinations online games algorithm is effcient at low particle densities, whereother existing algorithms slow down severely.
Sadigh, Babak 2006 Ingår i: Physical Review Letters, ISSN 0031-9007, Vol.
Artikel i tidskrift Refereegranskat We present a novel Monte Carlo algorithm for N diffusing finite particles that react on collisions.
The new algorithm is exact, extremely efficient, and applicablet o many important physical situations in arbitrary integer dimensions.
Dzugutov, Mikhail KTH, Skolan för industriell teknik och management ITMMaterialvetenskap.
Artikel i tidskrift Refereegranskat A statistical analysis of the geometries of particle trajectories in the supercooled liquid state isreported.
The analysis we present here is based on the statistics of the first-passage trajectory length.
We examine two structurally different fragile glass-forming liquids simulated by moleculardynamics.
In both liquids, the trajectories are found to reveal three distinct diffusion regimes.
Ashort-range confinement to the cage of nearest neighbors is followed by a persistent diffusionregime.
At a still larger spatial scale, the particle trajectories demonstrate a novel diffusion anomaly:a long-range localization distinct from the short-range localization.
This phenomenon can beinterpreted in terms of the potential-energy landscape topography with the local energy minimacoalescing into metabasins—compact domains with low escape probability.
We also demonstratethat the persistent diffusion regime can be linked to the exponential decay of the self-part of thevan Hove correlation function.
Arnborg, Stefan KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCNumerisk Analys och Datalogi, NADA.
Artikel i tidskrift Refereegranskat A recurrent neural network, modified to handle highly incomplete training data is described.
Unsupervised pattern recognition is demonstrated in the WHO database of adverse drug reactions.
Comparison is made to read article well established method, AutoClass, and the performances of both methods is investigated on simulated data.
The neural network method performs comparably to AutoClass in simulated data, and better than AutoClass in real world data.
With its better scaling properties, the neural network is a promising tool for unsupervised pattern recognition in huge databases of incomplete observations.
Spatiotemporal databases combines two types of databases: spatial databases and temporal databases.
Spatial databases are designed for storing and processing spatial information efficiently.
Temporal databases have a built-in time concept incorporated to handle queries related to temporal aspects.
A spatiotemporal database designed for managing geometric objects that move and change through time is called a moving object database.
This report will focus on moving object databases and the different data models that exist to enable them.
The moving objects in this study will be represented by flies, moving around randomly in a simulation.
This study evaluates two different data models for storing spatiotemporal data: the Snapshot Model and Sliced Representation.
The Snapshot Model is very simplistic.
An entry in the database is a snapshot of an object at a specific time.
Sliced Representation is a bit more complicated.
Temporal development of a value is decomposed into fragments called slices.
Within the slice the temporal development of a value can be described by a mathematical function.
To evaluate the Snapshot Model, PostgreSQL with an extension called PostGIS which supports spatial data will be used.
The temporal aspect will consist of timestamps which will be added to every entry in the database.
To evaluate the slicing model, an application called Secondo, developed at the Hagen University in Germany, will be used.
There is a set of conditions to determine which method is the most appropriate for the given problem: the creation of the flies and their movement should not exceed 10 seconds.
Retrieval of flies that occur in a specified space during a specified moment should not exceed 10 seconds.
The conclusion of this report indicates that the favored data model for the objective is Sliced Representation.
The application which uses Sliced Representation, Secondo, could manage 178 moving objects while satisfying the conditions.
When the amount of moving objects was increased to a breaking point the application became unstable and started crashing.
The breaking point lies between 200 and 500 flies.
The application which uses the Snapshot Model, PostGIS will still function at this point but up until this point it performs worse than Secondo.
With the conditions in mind, the implementation of the Snapshot Model can handle a maximum of 92 flies and the implementation of the slicing model can handle a maximum of 178 flies correspondingly.
Thus, the slicing model is best suited for the objective.
Artikel i tidskrift Refereegranskat Several methods of nonconstant feedback impulse control of chaos are proposed.
The approach is based on the similarity of the return maps of dissipative continuous-time systems with one-dimensional maps and has a clear geometrical interpretation.
The methods are illustrated for Chua's circuit, the Rossler oscillator, and the phase-locked loop system.
C 1998 Elsevier Science B.
At the same time, studies show that there are various problems associated with these approaches, including link user experiences and codebases that are difficult to maintain and test properly.
In this thesis, a novel prototype framework called Building Blocks was developed with the purpose of investigating the feasibility of utilizing component-based software engineering in solving this problem.
The prototype was developed towards Android along with a web interface that allowed users to assemble an Android app using software components.
The report concludes that component-based software engineering can permutations and combinations online games — and already is — utilized successfully to improve cross-platform mobile app development with special regards to user experience.
Qualitative data indicate that Building Blocks as a concept is flexible and shows promise for mobile app development in which functionality is often reused, such as enterprise apps.
Rapid prototyping using the web-based visual editing tool was another promising area.
However, future use of Building Blocks would require further work on the prototype to improve its ease of use.
Lundström, Anders KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCMedieteknik och interaktionsdesign, MID.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat The effort to push the electric vehicle development worldwide is continuously rising.
Production sites for electric vehicle components are built, billions are invested to create new battery electric vehicle concepts BEV and new players are entering the market.
The information systems of electric vehicles EVIS need to cope with a variety of new features that are related to changes of vehicle components and driving behavior, but also with changes and new systems that are silently introduced into the vehicles.
Sustainability, mobility concepts and smart mobility are just a few points out of many that can be attributed to the "silent" category.
With this workshop, we continue to bring together researchers, designers and practitioners to explore the related field and generate a state of the art perspective on EVIS.
Gong, Jing KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Parallelldatorcentrum, PDC.
Min, Misun 2018 Ingår i: The international journal of high performance computing applications, ISSN 1094-3420, E-ISSN 1741-2846, Vol.
The OpenACC implementation covers all solution routines, including a highly tuned element-by-element operator evaluation and a GPUDirect gather-scatter kernel to effect nearest neighbor flux exchanges.
Modifications are designed to make effective use of vectorization, streaming, and data management.
Performance results using up to 16,384 graphics processing units of the Cray XK7 supercomputer Titan show more than 2.
We discuss performance-enhancement strategies and the overall potential of GPU-based computing for this class of problems.
En ny metod för att simulera vattenvågor pre- senteras.
Denna metod är anpassad för realtids-tillämpningar och har utvecklats med datorspel i åtanke.
Artikel i tidskrift Refereegranskat ObjectivesA longitudinal study was performed on the acoustical effects of singing voice training under a given study programme, using the Voice Range Profile VRP.
Study DesignPre- and post-training recordings were made of students that participated in a 3-year bachelor singing study programme.
A questionnaire that included questions on optimal range, register use, classification, vocal health and hygiene, mixing technique, and training goals, was used to rate and categorize self-assessed voice changes.
Based on the responses, a sub-group of 10 classically trained female voices was selected, that was homogeneous enough for effects of training to be identified.
MethodsThe VRP perimeter contour was analyzed for effects of voice training.
Findings were compared to the self-assessed vocal changes.
ResultsPre-post comparison of the average VRPs showed, in the midrange, 1 a decrease in the VRP area that was associated with the loud chest voice, 2 a reduction of the crest factor values, and 3 a reduction of maximum SPL values.
These changes were manifest also in the group average.
High resolution computerized recording, complemented with an acoustic register marker, allows a meaningful assessment of some effects of training, on an individual basis as well as for groups comprised of singers of a specific genre.
It is argued that this kind of investigation is possible only within a focussed training programme, given by a faculty that has agreed on the goals.
Lamarche, Anick KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSC.
Artikel i tidskrift Refereegranskat Purpose: To describe a method for unified description, statistical modeling, and comparison of voice range profile VRP contours, even from diverse sources.
Method: A morphologic modeling technique, which is based on Fourier descriptors FDsis applied to the VRP contour.
The technique, which essentially involves resampling of the curve of the contour, is assessed and also is compared to density-based VRP averaging methods that use the overlap count.
Results: VRP contours can be usefully described and compared using FDs.
The method also permits the visualization of the local covariation along the contour average.
For example, the FD-based analysis shows that the population variance for ensembles of VRP contours is usually smallest at the upper left part of the VRP.
To illustrate the method's advantages and possible further application, graphs are given that compare the averaged contours from different authors and recording devices-for normal, trained, and untrained male and female voices as well as for child voices.
Conclusions: The proposed technique allows any VRP shape to be brought to the same uniform base.
On this uniform base, VRP contours or contour elements coming from a variety of sources may be placed within the same graph for comparison and for statistical analysis.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
Jensfelt, Patric KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCDatorseende och robotik, CVAP.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat This paper explores the problem of embodied interaction between a service robot and a person in a hallway setting.
For operation in environments with people that have limited experience with robots, a behaviour that signals awareness of the persons and safety of motion is essential.
A control strategy based on human spatial behaviour studies is presented that adopts human-robot interaction patterns similar to those used in person-person encounters.
The results of a pilot study with human subjects are presented in which the users have evaluated the acceptability of the robot behaviour patterns during passage, with respect to three basic parameters: the robot speed, the signaling distance at which the robot starts the maneuver and the lateral distance from the person for safe passage.
The study has shown a good overall user response and has provided some useful indications on how to design a hallway passage behaviour that could be most acceptable to human users.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCNumerisk Analys och Datalogi, NADA.
Jensfelt, Patric KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCDatorseende och robotik, CVAP.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat A key aspect of service robotics for everyday use is the motion in close proximity to humans.
It is essential that the robot exhibits a behavior that signals safety of motion and awareness of the persons in the environment.
To achieve this, there is a need to define control strategies that are perceived as socially acceptable by users that are not familiar with robots.
In this paper a system for navigation in a hallway is presented, in which the rules of proxemics are used to define the interaction strategies.
The experimental results show the contribution to the establishment of effective spatial interaction patterns between the robot and a person.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCNumerisk Analys och Datalogi, NADA.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCNumerisk Analys och Datalogi, NADA.
Jensfelt, Patric KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCDatorseende och robotik, CVAP.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat In this paper, the design of an office-guide robot for social interaction studies is presented.
We are interested in studying the impact of passage behaviours in casual encounters.
While the system offers assistance in locating the appropriate office that a visitor wants to reach, it is expected to engage in a passing behaviour to allow free passage for other persons that it may encounter.
Through use of such an approach it is possible to study the effect of social interaction in a situation that is much more natural than out-of-context user studies.
The system has been tested in an early evaluation phase when it worked for almost 7 hours.
A total of 64 interactions with people were registered and 13 passage behaviors were performed to conclude that this framework can be successfully used for the evaluation of passing behaviors in natural contexts of operation.
Christensen, Henrik KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCDatorseende och robotik, CVAP.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
Jensfelt, Patric KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCDatorseende och robotik, CVAP.
KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat Casual encounters with mobile robots for nonexperts can be a challenge due to lack of an interaction model.
The present work is based on the rules from proxemics which are used to design a passing strategy.
In narrow corridors the lateral distance of passage is a key parameter permutations and combinations online games consider.
An implemented system has been used in a small study to verify the basic parametric design for such a system.
In total 10 subjects evaluated variations in proxemics for encounters with a robot in a corridor setting.
The user feedback indicates that entering the intimate sphere of people is less comfortable, however a too significant avoidance is also considered unnecessary.
Adequate signaling of avoidance is a behaviour that must be carefully tuned.
Jensfelt, Patric KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
Christensen, Henrik Iskov KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation Article sourceCentra, Centrum för Autonoma System, CAS.
Kapitel i bok, del av antologi Refereegranskat An important problem in the design of mobile robot systems for operation in natural environments for everyday tasks is the safe handling of encounters with people.
People-People encounters follow certain social rules to allow co-existence even in cramped spaces.
These social rules are often described according to the classification termed proxemics.
In this paper we present an analysis of how the physical interaction with people can be modelled using the rules of proxemics and discuss how the rules of embodied feedback generation can simplify the interaction with novice users.
We also provide some guidelines for the design of a control architecture for a mobile robot moving among people.
The concepts presented are illustrated by a number of real experiments that verify the overall approach to the design of systems for navigation in human-populated environments.
Mejtoft, Thomas KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCMedieteknik och grafisk produktion, Media.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat The printing industry is undergoing a lot of structural changes.
One way to deal with these changes is by institutional arrangements like hybrid organizations made possible by modern digital communication technologies.
The aim of this qualitative case study with four Swedish and four German printing houses is to examine if and how these arrangements are used to lower transaction costs and increase competitive advantages.
The results indicate that the companies in this study face the need to integrate for different reasons to increase their competitive advantage.
Nevertheless, due to strong competition and to lower their need for investments, the companies in this Study cannot integrate all capacity and resources needed in the production.
Due to fear for opportunism, the preferred way is to create cooperation with a few close partners.
This suggests that the companies have chosen a hierarchical intuitional arrangement integration with a hybrid character cooperation.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat This paper investigates the influence of multimodal incongruent gender cues on the perception of a robot's uncanniness and gender in children.
The back-projected robot head Furhat was equipped with a female and male face texture and voice synthesizer and the voice and facial cues were tested in congruent and incongruent combinations.
Results show that multimodal incongruent cues do not trigger the feeling of uncanniness in children.
These results are significant as they support other recent research showing that the perception of uncanniness cannot be triggered by a categorical ambiguity in the robot.
In addition, we found that children rely on auditory cues much stronger than on the facial cues when assigning a gender to the robot if presented with incongruent cues.
These findings have implications for the robot design, as it seems possible to change the gender of a robot by only changing its voice without creating a feeling of uncanniness in a child.
Peters, Christopher KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCBeräkningsvetenskap och beräkningsteknik CST.
Castellano, Ginevra 2018 Ingår i: SOCIAL ROBOTICS, ICSR 2018Springer, 2018, 402-412 s.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat Most research on the uncanny valley effect is concerned with the influence of human-likeness and realism as a trigger of an uncanny feeling in humans.
There has been a lack of investigation on the effect of other dimensions, for example, gender.
Back-projected robotic heads allow us to alter visual cues in the appearance of the robot in order to investigate how the perception of it changes.
In this paper, we study the influence of gender on the perceived uncanniness.
We conducted an experiment with 48 participants in which we used different modalities of interaction to change the strength of the gender cues in the robot.
Results show that incongruence in the gender cues of the robot, and not its specific gender, influences the uncanniness of the back-projected robotic head.
This finding has potential implications for both the perceptual mismatch and categorization ambiguity theory as a general explanation of the uncanny valley effect.
Hellgren Kotaleski, Jeanette KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCBeräkningsbiologi, CB.
We investigated the corticostriatal spike timing-dependentplasticity STDP at medium-sized spiny neurons MSNs as aHebbian learning rule.
Here, we show that GABAergic microcircuitsgovern the spike-timing dependence.
Indeed, whenGABAergic transmission was blocked by GABAA blockers the spike-timing dependence was totally reversed when comparedto control conditions.
Post-pre pairings induced t-LTDand pre-post pairings induced t-LTP.
In both control andGABAA blockade conditions, the t-LTP was NMDA receptordependent and the t-LTD was endocannabinoid dependent.
The GABAergic inhibition at MSNs arises mainly from fastspiking interneurons.
Indeed, we observed, in paravalbumin-GFP mice, that during STDP pairings fast-spiking interneuronsdischarge and exert a strong synaptic inhibitory weight onMSNs.
In addition, both tonic and phasic components of suchGABAergic inhibition were involved in the spike-timing dependence.
We observed a developmental shift of the spiketimingdependence correlated with the maturation of theGABAergic microcircuits: at P8-10, post-pre pairings induced t-LTD and pre-post pairings induced t-LTP, while a reversedSTDP timing-dependence was found after P20.
To further ourunderstanding on dendritic GABAergic signal integration inMSNs, we simulated the experimental STDP protocols using abiophysically detailed MSN model.
The simulation results predicteda significant influence of GABAergic inputs in distaldendrites, although not visible in the soma.
Moreover, oursimulations showed that the balance between NMDA calciumand L-type calcium voltage channels could be shifted by eithertonic or phasic GABAergic inputs, or by their combinations.
This in turn could influence whether NMDA-dependent LTP orL-type calcium- also endocannabinoid- dependent LTD casino and racetrack meadows />In conclusion, we demonstrated that GABAergic microcircuitstightly govern the corticostriatal plasticity and re-orientate STDP along development.
Venance, Laurent 2018 Ingår i: Journal of Neuroscience, ISSN 0270-6474, E-ISSN 1529-2401, Vol.
Artikel i tidskrift Refereegranskat The spike-timing-dependent plasticity STDPa synaptic learning rule for encoding learning and memory, relies on relative timing of neuronal activity on either side of the synapse.
GABAergic signaling has been shown to control neuronal excitability and consequently the spike timing, but whether GABAergic circuits rule the STDP remained unknown.
Here we show that GABAergic signaling governs the polarity of STDP, because blockade of GABA A receptors was able to completely reverse the temporal order of plasticity at corticostriatal synapses in rats and mice.
GABA controls the polarity of STDP in both striatopallidal and striatonigral output neurons.
Biophysical simulations and experimental investigations suggest that GABA controls STDP polarity through depolarizing effects at distal dendrites of striatal output neurons by modifying the balance of two calcium sources, NMDARs and voltage-sensitive calcium channels.
Konferensbidrag Refereegranskat In this paper, a generic solution is presented for capturing, representing and employing the context of use in dialogue processing.
The implementation of the solution within the framework of the SesaME dialogue manager and the Butler demonstrator is also described.
Those outputs are composed by elements which have interdependences and structural properties.
Methods which take into account the form of the output are known as structured prediction techniques.
This study focuses on those techniques, evaluating online gambling on mobile performance for tasks of sequence labeling and comparing them.
Specifically, tasks of natural language processing are used as benchmarks.
The principal problem evaluated is part-of-speech tagging.
Datasets of different languages English, Spanish, Portuguese and Dutch and environments newspapers, twitter and chats are used for a general analysis.
Shallow parsing and named entity recognition are also examined.
The algorithms treated are structured perceptron, conditional random fields, structured support vector machines and trigram hidden Markov models.
They are also compared to different approaches to solve these problems.
The results show that, in general, structured perceptron has the best performance for sequence labeling with the conditions evaluated.
However, with few training examples, structured support vector machines can achieve a similar or superior accuracy.
Moreover, the results for conditional ranom fields is near those two methods.
The relative results of the algorithms are similar across different datasets, but the absolute accuracies are dependent on their specificities.
The rehab system tracks and computes a set of measurable indicators that reflect the rehab progress.
Today, patients that have suffered a stroke usually have to visit specialized centers to perform the rehabilitation program.
This proves to be hard for the patients with motion disorders, especially in the northern parts of Sweden with large distances to the closest specialized center.
A prototype rehabilitation system for stroke patients has been designed and built.
The system is autonomous and does not need constant staff involvement in the rehab process.
The system tracks a set of rehabilitation indicators that reflect the patient rehabilitation progress joint range of motion, reaction time, precision of motion, energy expenditure and training time.
The system is constantly monitoring the patient to make sure the exercises are done correctly.
Attention has been paid at making the system more engaging and fun by adding some gamification features like dania casino and jai alai real time feedback while exercising and by computing the training statistics with personal best indicators and progress meant to increase patient engagement and motivation.
At last but not at least, the system has a multimodal interface including audio feedback that makes usage much more intuitive and simple.
The system was designed and implemented and tested on regular users.
Syftet med examensarbetet var att presentera alternativa förslag som kan tänkas ersätta det nuvarande sättet att parametersätta styrenheterna i ett fordon.
Idag används en modul vid namn PSM Parameter Settings Module för att möjliggöra konfigurationen av fordonen som Scania producerar utifrån en click at this page från kunden.
Parametersättningsmodulen består idag av ett antal skript implementerade i Scanias eget skriptspråk vid namn Matrix, vars uppgift är att definiera parametersättningslogiken för varje konfigurerbart fordonssystem.
På grund av begränsningarna Matrix har som skriptspråk, har detta lett till att felsökningsbarheten och prestandan har försämrats avsevärt i.
RESD gruppen på Scania har därför som mål att förnya parametersättningsmodulen genom att övergå till ett annat skriptspråk, alternativt en skriptfri modell för parametersättning.
Arbetet påbörjades med att göra en nulägesanalys av dagens arkitektur för parametersättning.
Nulägesanalysen tog hänsyn till hur Matrix presterar i olika scenarion, support och permutations and combinations online games samt en allmän profilering av parametersättning i ett simulerad läge.
Därefter påbörjades arbetet med att ta fram permutations and combinations online games modeller för parametersättning.
Arbetet avslutades med att göra en utvärdering av de föreslagna modeller för parametersättning.
Två modeller för parametersättning framfördes under det här examensarbete.
Den första modellen baseras på användning av skript eller förkompilerade källkodsfiler för definiering av parametersättningslogiken och har fått namnet Skript Modell.
Den andra modellen vid namn Datadriven modell använder XML filer för definiering av villkor för parametersättning och utnyttjar befintliga mjukvarukomponenter från verktyg som används vid parametersättning.
Resultaten av det här arbetet visar att Matrix som programspråk har svagheter och begränsningar som tidigare inte har kunnat upptäckas.
Prestandatester utförda på den nya skript modellen visar att inläsning och dynamisk kompilering av ett skript är en väldigt tidskrävande process, vilket gör att tiden det tar att exekvera ett skript fördröjs avsevärd.
De svagheterna som dynamisk kompilering medför, visar sig avhjälpas genom tillämpning av förkompilering eller en alternativ övergång till den datadrivna modellen.
I bägge fall förkortas uppstartstiderna betydligt, vilket gör att parametersättningen skulle kunna utföras betydligt snabbare och representeras p?
Metoden vi använt är operant betigning som senare ska kombineras optogenetik.
Med optogenitik kan vi styra utsöndringen av serotonin med ljus.
För att kunna studera impulsivt beteende, med eller utan denna frisättning av serotonin, introducerade vi djuret för ett beteendeparadigm med eller utan optogenetisk stimulering.
Tre olika protokoll utformades, autoshaping, cue matching och peak interval.
Protokollet för autoshaping används vid djurets träningsfas inlärningsfas medan de två andra användes för att testa olika typer av impulsivt beteende.
Resultaten från dessa tre beteendeparadigm utan optogenetisk stimulering har används som baslinje för att kunna undersöka effekten serotonin har på impulsivt beteende.
Ebner, Hannes KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCMedieteknik och http://seallincasino.top/and/hansel-and-gretel-game-download.html produktion, Media.
Sanchez-Alonso, Salvador 2011 Ingår i: Journal of Information Technology in Agriculture, ISSN 1546-959X, Vol.
Naeve, Ambjörn KTH, Skolan för datavetenskap och kommunikation CSCMedieteknik och grafisk produktion, Media.
Artikel i tidskrift Refereegranskat In this paper we study the complexity of finding a spanning cactus in various graphs.
First, we show that the task of determining if there is a directed spanning cactus in a general unweighted digraph is NP-complete.
The proof is a reduction from ONE-IN-THREE 3SAT.
Secondly, we show that finding the minimum spanning cactus in a directed, weighted complete with triangle inequality is polynomial time equivalent to finding the minimum travelling salesman problem TSP tour in the same graph and that they have the tuscany suites and casino hardness in approximation.

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