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What's up with the AI? :: XCOM 2 Allmänna diskussioner


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Roulette chances predictorcasinobonus

Alla varumärken tillhör respektive ägare i USA och andra länder.
The AI in this game drives me insane.
For example: I'm moving a soldier into a position to flank an alien, the alien had a high priority to get out of this situation.
If you left roulette chances predictor flanked as well, it would probably shoot.
If the hit chances were awfull it would try to run even if overwatch was active as the chance to to be hit was lower than the chance fight through it.
Just a moment ago I made a sensible move flanking an advent soldier, leaving one roulette chances predictor my other troops on overwatch while killing a second advent soldier in the same turn.
I chances predictor roulette the flanked soldier with the possibility to actually move backwards.
However what did he do?
He moved forward closer to my soldier that is flanking him btw.
Afterwards he was STILL in a flanked position by the same soldier.
However he himself now flanked the third soldier that killed his friend in the previous turn and simply shot him.
He left himself completely open just to kill my soldier.
Who would program roulette chances predictor AI like that?
But usually problems were pointed out that if the AI would be to aggressive it would cause massive trouble because you would have a lot more injuries and deaths.
Well now we have an AI that pretty much tries to murder you every chance it gets not caring about losing troops itself.
And because of that especially in the beginning it's possible to lose the game before it even starts.
Where in the last game you had a pretty decent pool of soldiers in XCOM 2 with just 10 in the beginning it's possible to run out of troops within 2-3 missions.
Some might see it as a good challenge.
I would too if the AI would make predictable moves.
At the roulette chances predictor however it feels more like playing chess with a 3 year old.
I'm happy the AI three feathers casino oregon not that predictable anymore.
You can predict, that ADVENT is going to kill you at every cost.
They do it right I think.
I had a couple of missions where I need to evac my last soldiers out since there were heavy losses.
Ursprungligen skrivet av :I'm happy the AI is not that predictable anymore.
You can predict, that ADVENT is going to kill you at every cost.
They do it right I think.
I had a couple of missions where I need to evac my last soldiers out since there were heavy losses.
You can't do manuevers like pinning enemies down for a flank anymore, they'll happily throw themselves head first into your fire and hope that you'll miss.
I'd imagine it's why so many people complain about the RNG because the AI really attempts to exploit the fact that everything has a chance to fail.
If they could make an AI that is both rational and not completely braindead X-Com would be a much better game for it.
Ursprungligen skrivet av :Was it by any chance a stun lancer?
No I just started a new campaign on legendary and the AI made that move on the first mission.
I've completed the game twice on lower difficulties and I noticed the same thing various other situations as well.
Just like in chess moves should make sense and build on each other.
The XCOM 2 AI plays kind of "Räuberschach" which is the worst kind of chess I roulette chances predictor one of yours - you may take one or more of mine.
Usually the one countering that playstyle will win the game.
But if you have to play against the same opponent several times and he always gets a new complete board compared to you who has to play with the same reduced board every time sooner or later you will lose even if you do everything right.
Ursprungligen skrivet av :I'm happy the AI is not that predictable anymore.
You can predict, that ADVENT is going to kill you at every cost.
They do it right I think.
I had a couple of missions where I need to evac my last soldiers out since there were heavy losses.
Its just also extremely suicidal.
Stun Lancers, for example, are cheese.
No self-repservation at all.
Stun lancer; these guys are basically high on combat drugs and just want to press your flesh with their knives and nothing will get in their way - certainly not pesky things like bullets or danger.
Just think of them as human Chyrssalids Ursprungligen skrivet av : this mod should supposedly help you out.
Some of the changes sound seriously terrible.
I had one group of aliens during a gorilla mission to protect a tower thingy, and the group consisted of a psionic orb and 2 archons.
All 3 of them stood ontop of the tower, which had 1 hp left, for about 12 turns.
The aliens would go back and forth AROUND the tower like THEY were defending it.
I killed the two archons, and the orb wouldnt pull away.
If i killed the orb roulette chances predictor woulda self destructed and destroyed the objective.
The Improved AI mod seems quite interesting for reworking alien behavior.
You might want to check it out.
It is apparently very popular and makes the game much harder Ursprungligen skrivet av : Well I might give the mod a try in a future campaign, but not right now.
Some of the changes sound seriously terrible.
Looks too many changes at once but some seem at least logical.
In defensive missions above all.
Ursprungligen skrivet av :Stun Lancers basically act as decoys to draw your fire in the same way that you'd use a rookie.
My rookies are supposed to become future heroes.
I don't want to play russian roulette with them.
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Alla varumärken tillhör respektive ägare i USA och andra länder.
En del geografisk data på denna hemsida tillhandahålls av.

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What's up with the AI? :: XCOM 2 Allmänna diskussioner


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